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About Rama SmartSearch

RamaOnHealthcare brings the buzz to the buzz to keep you up to date with the latest healthcare industry news. We’re continually refining our search algorithm to help you quickly and easily find relevant, human-reviewed content from the best sources and authors.

Smart Topics: Rama SmartSearch identifies popular industry keywords as “smart topics” and searches article titles for related industry keywords.

You can use quotation marks to find exact matches. You can include a dash before keywords or quotation marks to exclude them from the results. You can combine keywords, quotes, and exclusions to narrow search results. You can also use the keyword “or” to broaden search results.

About Rama SmartSearch - Combine Keywords

Sample search: combining keywords

About Rama SmartSearch - OR Search

Search example: search “OR”

About Rama SmartSearch - Exact Match

Sample search: exact match

About Rama SmartSearch - Exclude Keywords

Sample search: exclude keywords


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