Researchers use AI models to advance drug delivery system for chronic eye disease

Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers claim to have used artificial intelligence models and machine learning algorithms to successfully predict which amino acid components that make up therapeutic proteins are most likely to deliver safely therapeutic drugs to animal eye cells. The project, a collaboration with researchers at the University of Maryland, shows promise … Read more

Discovery of melanin structure brings scientists one step closer to developing ultra-protective sunscreen

A new discovery about the structure of melanin has brought scientists one step closer to developing a potentially ultra-protective new sunscreen derived from a biological substance found in nearly all organisms. Researchers from McGill’s Department of Chemistry, in collaboration with The Ohio State University and the University of Girona, announced a major advance in understanding … Read more

New technology aims to reduce racial disparities in blood measurements

A team led by a University of Texas at Arlington bioengineering professor and an Austin businessman published key findings in the British Medical Journal Innovations which illustrate how a new device measures hemoglobin more accurately in people with darker skin pigmentations. George Alexandrakis, professor of bioengineering at UT Arlington, and Dr. Vinoop Daggubati of Shani … Read more