Zydus Wellness setback, Delhi HC stops consumer goods giant from using Sugarlite brand name

In a major setback for Zydus Wellness, the Delhi High Court banned the consumer goods giant from using the brand name Sugarlite in any permutation and combination for its products, and gave a dairy company , Delhi Marketing, the exclusive rights to use the mark. name ‘SUGARLITE.’

A divisional bench consisting of Judge Manmohan and Judge Saurabh Banerjee observed that not only were the competing brands identical, but the respective products were also allied and related products as they are purchased from the same source in the market and sold over the counter to almost the same category of buyers. There was therefore a risk of confusion in the minds of the general public.

For more details, see the link below:

Delhi HC bans Zydus Wellness from using Sugarlite brand name

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